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About Adiree Communications is an omni-media and ecommerce company connecting you to niche communities of multicultural and pan-african women between 15 - 30 . founded the annual Pan-African-focused, lifestyle marketing platform called Africa Fashion Week ( ADIREE Communications work and company has been profiled in CNN International, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Forbes Africa, Huffington Post, Forbes Afrique, CNN International, Black Enterprise, Huffington Post and CNN Inside Africa.
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17 African E-commerce Sites Pitching For Business

Brand | Africa | Technology (B.A.T)

In the US consumer’s demand for authentic brands; in clothing, accessories, textile, and even home décor has increased significantly and perhaps this places Africa (the continent) in the spotlight.

As you know, we absolutely love and have a great appreciation for African fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. Okay, we must admit… we are obsessed! Our obsession has led to the curation of African e-commerce sites that you may want to investigate and further research to foster a relationship (Business to Business, Business to Customer, or Investor etc). As it pertains to brands, Africa and technology (B.A.T): Here are a few African E-commerce sites pitching for business.

  1. Keteme A home décor brand that offers rare and covetable goods for urban living spaces. Keteme is inspired by African cities and works with skilled craftsmen in Ethiopia to create products that combine handmade African influence and modern minimalist design.


  1. Fashpa Nigeria’s leading online fashion destination curates a collection of local and global brands and provides its customers products such as swimwear, shorts, underwear, lingerie, and fashion jewelry. Their range of international designer brands include Topshop, New Look, Asos and Zara.


  1. Asos Africa Partnered with SOKO Kenya, Asos Africa allows consumers to purchase apparel designed and made in Kenya by local craftsmen, which helps create and sustain businesses in Kenya.


  1. Kisua strives to design quality, ready-to-wear African-inspired fashion apparel that excites global customers. This online boutique collaborates with, and even helps fund the start up of designers with whom they partner.


  1. Ohema-Ohene boasts “African-inspired fashion with a British twist.” Ohema-Ohene designs are modern, wearable, culturally influenced, and most importantly, made in Ghana!


  1. Agnes & Lola online boutique is inspired by the love of fashion and culture. Each piece in their collection is handpicked and showcases the best in African craft infused with contemporary style.


  1. Tols Creations is an African-inspired fashion accessory brand that caters to both men and women. Their accessories are beautiful and colorful, made from the finest African fabrics, semi-precious stones and glass beads.


  1. The Afropolitian Shop online boutique “aims to celebrate African designers and artisans” by giving them access to the global market. It is a growing brand that specializes in handmade and designer jewelry, bags and shoes.


  1. Sappelle – offers a variety of exceptional and original African fashion and accessories sourced from local artisans. They carry a wide range of products; from tribal print dresses, to decorative pillows and jewelry.


  1. Afrikrea – an e-commerce platform for buying and selling African and African inspired fashion, crafts and home decor. It is a great platform for artisans who are looking to sell their products and get exposure.


  1. Bidorbuy  markets itself as Africa’s largest online marketplace, provides a variety of products in numerous categories of modern lifestyle.


  1. Buy Correct focuses on providing goods in fashion, electronics, home and decor to global consumers. Goods are sourced from the UK and US .


  1. Kalahari offers products in the categories of appliances, home & living, and luggage.


  1. Yuppie Chef a food community offering tools, ingredients and the inspiration to cook real food at home.


  1. Botswanacraft is dedicated to the trade of handicraft. The company also hosts functions, has a restaurant and wholesale offering. The online store features a range of product for purchase including Basketry, San Crafts, books and music.


  1. Jumia Nigeria’s online shopping site Jumia offers consumers a wide variety of goods to choose from – although fashion and high-tech seem to be a core focus.


  1. Zawadi an African wholesaler, gift supplier and exporter based in South Africa, focuses on African art, gifts and collectibles, as well as ostrich leather jewellery.