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About Adiree Communications is an omni-media and ecommerce company connecting you to niche communities of multicultural and pan-african women between 15 - 30 . founded the annual Pan-African-focused, lifestyle marketing platform called Africa Fashion Week ( ADIREE Communications work and company has been profiled in CNN International, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Forbes Africa, Huffington Post, Forbes Afrique, CNN International, Black Enterprise, Huffington Post and CNN Inside Africa.
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Ethiopian Designer from Africa’s Fashion Hub Integrates With The Global Fashion Calendar

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Adiat Disu

New York, NY August 18, 2015

Ethiopian Designer from Africa’s Fashion Hub  Integrates With The Global Fashion Calendar

Fikirte Addis Showcases Her Newest Collection at New York Fashion Week : Africa

ADIRÈE Communications today announces the upcoming showcase of YEFIKIR DESIGN ( during its sixth annual (Africa Fashion Week ) activation:  New York Fashion Week: Africa on Friday, September 11, 2015. The one-day activation under the Africa Fashion Week brand ( will take place at the Broad Street Ballroom , 41 Broad Street, New York, NY 10004, during New York Fashion Week (September 10-17th).

With retail giants such as H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB looking to Ethiopia to produce clothing, a new generation of leaders, in countries such as Ethiopia, are also dedicated to developing their economies through global partnerships and strategies focused on  Africa’s textile and clothing industries.

With programs such as the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) which supports duty-free access to US apparel markets, designers from respective countries are encouraged to integrate with the global fashion industry and work with credible partners.

Ethiopian Designer and Psychologist Fikirte Addis appearance in this year’s Africa Fashion Week event will make her fifth year in showcasing her designs on the New York stage. Based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, her love and work with children are her inspirations for her designs. With her two passions of fashion and psychology, she uses her designs to reach out to disadvantaged children. Addis supports issues such as child labor by fundraising money and participating in fashion shows that give back to the community.

Addis’ intricate pieces ranging from casual wear to wedding dresses are a mix of both traditional and modern day styles. The use of a weaving machine helps with mixing fabrics by hand, adding splashes of color and detailed accents. Each piece is unique as it outlines the waist and hem of the skirts. Of courses sophisticated pieces like these come at a price. Merchandise from the Yefikir collection can retail up to 15,300 BIRR ($850 USD, £530 EUR). Later this year, her collection (and clothing from her runway collection) will be available  at Luxoic, on online boutique.

Designing for Addis first started out as a hobby but soon became more with the opening of Yefikir Design in 2009. In 2011, she was selected out of 12 fashion designers at a USAID program. With the USAID’s partnership, Adiree was able to work with the designer in developing her brand, retailing her items (hosting temporary pop up shops) in New York, providing the opportunity to show her designs at Africa Fashion Week 2011-2012.

With every piece Addis creates, her culture is always reflected.“It is important  not to lose the connection I have with my culture. It’s all about giving my designs a modern twist that is applicable to international fashion arena.”she said.


ADIRÈE is the company behind the brand New York Fashion Week Africa, an idea fostered by Adiat Disu after watching Arise Magazine’s runway show during New York Fashion Week in 2009. Adirèe is a luxury group & lifestyle branding firm conceived to develop solutions, media, marketing & retail installations. We provide globally-minded & eco-conscious consumers with modern, exciting & sustainable alternatives to connect to Africa and meaningful programs. We curate, bridge & develop partnerships between the world & Africa.

ADIRÈE is the company behind the newly re-branded activation New York Fashion Week: Africa, an idea fostered by Adiat Disu and her team after reviewing the trend and proliferation of Africa Fashion Week (in fashion capitals) around the world. In their mission to integrate Foreign and Africa’s brands globally, while maintaining a sustainable platform, the idea of creating one day activations during major fashion capital’s retail driven weeks was born. Respecting the fashion calendar’s structure (for example: in New York, London, Paris, Milan), Adirèe and partners desire to place Africa on the global fashion map through meaningful programming, retail-focused activations and creative presentations.


New York Fashion Week Africa is a social enterprise: a platform for trade, marketing and development of Africa through ethical practices and fashion. New York Fashion Week Africa was made for the need to bridge the gap, connect continents, and provide a platform for international retailers and designers worldwide. In 2009, Adirèe founded the Africa Fashion Week (in fashion capitals) concept, a platform for placing structure around Africa’s developing retail and fashion industry and promoting international economic partnerships. (Read more on FORBES)

Our platforms aim to educate, empower, and connect inspirational brands and individuals interested in breaking down barriers and creating structure around industries for business. Our premier launch of Africa Fashion Week (AFW) in New York, attracted more than 1,500 industry insiders. The event also secured the support and an official proclamation from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who emphasized the event would promote tourism to New York with 70% of designers coming directly from Africa; thereby further fostering a relationship between the U.S. and Africa.

Designers will showcasing their SS’16 collections.


  1. Luxury Africa Conference | 5:30 P. M – 6:30 PM
  2. Runway Showcase | 8:30 PM – 9 :30 PM
  3. Mixer | 10:30 PM – 11:30 PM

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