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About Adiree Communications is an omni-media and ecommerce company connecting you to niche communities of multicultural and pan-african women between 15 - 30 . founded the annual Pan-African-focused, lifestyle marketing platform called Africa Fashion Week ( ADIREE Communications work and company has been profiled in CNN International, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Forbes Africa, Huffington Post, Forbes Afrique, CNN International, Black Enterprise, Huffington Post and CNN Inside Africa. New York, NY September 10, 2016 — Robin S, Founder of Sereptha Rose premiered and sold her collection at the launch of the concept store in SOHO, 104 Charlton Street (between Hudson Street and Greenwich Street). The concept store took place during New York Fashion Week on Saturday September 10th, as a part of a New York Fashion Week [Africa] activation called Trunk Collectives (
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Lifting Liberia Through Luxury And Craftsmanship

Media contact(s)

Adiat Disu
Communications Director
Adiree Communications & PR
Tel: +1 888 520 9602

Jisette Duran
Digital Communications & Community Lead
Adiree Communications & PR
Tel: +1 888 520 9602


New York, NY September 10, 2016 — Robin S, Founder of Sareptha Rose premiered and sold her collection at the launch of the Adiree concept store in SOHO, 104 Charlton Street (between Hudson Street and Greenwich Street). The concept store took place during New York Fashion Week on Saturday September 10th, as a part of a New York Fashion Week [Africa] activation called Trunk Collectives (

Trunk Collectives is a platform hosting multicultural and ethical brands to present, sell and build brands capacity. The platform is designed to help expand the popularity of vendors as well as to advocate diversity through a contemporary series of sales events and concept stores.

This year’s platform was sponsored by Aveda and New York Surgical Arts. Featured designers were from shop Adiree and premium vendors such as Sareptha Rose by Robin S, Tegaa, and Shangani Fashions.

Robin S is a strong believer in economic improvement, who through her brand, Sareptha Rose, helps to empower the idea of African crafts, while creating products for clients. With the ambition for increasing trade of traditional crafts, Robin S does so by selling her own handmade products consisting of leather handbags and wallets. Through a vintage style, this brand sets a platform for consumer access in developed markets for African craftsman and women.

Sareptha Rose goes beyond design by setting a platform that presents a movement for progression of African countries. The brand demonstrates that African countries can go beyond raw commodities through methods of trade of finished products. The brand helps to expand the Africa Crafts Industry through sells overseas that take place in the USA. The handcrafted designs are created by self-taught designers who travel throughout Africa for the materials used in their designs. The brand helps to create jobs for a multitude of people who have a talent in craftsmanship.

According to Forbes, one of the ways to improve an economy is through the promotion of economic growth using innovation. Sareptha Rose demonstrates this quality and shows success in the goal of improving the African economy through the brand and handcrafted designs. “This way of improving the economy is great for creating jobs, which is beneficial in getting others involved in this type of business. This also leads to expansion of the business”says Jisette Duran, Digital Community Content Developer of Adirée. “The approach and goal the designers have prove to be extremely clever.”

About ADIRÈE  Communications & PR

ADIRÈE Communications & PR solutions help multinational corporations collaborate with Africa based brands, and integrate with multicultural influencers globally. It’s trusted portfolio of events, media sites, and brand building service offerings along with its team of multidisciplinary experts provide companies solutions to navigate emerging markets in the fast moving world. We develop solutions, media, marketing & retail installations for companies while providing globally minded & eco-conscious consumers with modern, exciting and sustainable alternatives to connect to Africa and meaningful programs. We curate, bridge, & develop partnerships between the world & Africa. Adiree Communications & PR is a Adiree business. For more information, visit

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About Africa Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week Africa, under the brand Africa Fashion Week is a social enterprise: a platform for trade, marketing and development of Africa through ethical practices and fashion. New York Fashion Week Africa was made for the need to bridge the gap, connect continents, and provide a platform for international retailers and designers worldwide. In 2009, Adirée founded the Africa Fashion Week (in fashion capitals) concept, a platform for placing structure around Africa’s developing retail and fashion industry and promoting international economic partnerships. (Read more on FORBES)

Our platforms aim to educate, empower, and connect inspirational brands and individuals interested in breaking down barriers and creating structure around industries for business. Our premier launch of Africa Fashion Week (AFW) in New York, attracted more than 1,500 industry insiders. The event also secured the support and an official proclamation from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who emphasized the event would promote tourism to New York with 70% of designers coming directly from Africa; thereby further fostering a relationship between the U.S. and Africa.

About Trunk Collectives

TrunkCollectives : a series of contemporary sales events and concept stores where vendors present and sell their merchandise.  Visit 

Trunk Collectives acts a growth-hacking and sales-driven platform for multicultural and ethically conscious brands. This new activation is a cross cultural and ethical brand extension of Africa Fashion Week ( . The platform is for owners of socially impactful and/or eco friendly brands, who  need an affordable, yet a contemporary platform to sell and enter into mainstream markets.

About Sareptha Rose

Sareptha Rose is a platform for craftsman and women. Through their West African vintage styled designs, they promote the idea of trade of finished products in Africa. They promote the African craft industry with their handmade designs by bringing it overseas from Liberia, Africa to New York, USA. They accomplish one of their goals of improvement in the African economy by creating jobs and opportunities for people in Africa, especially in Liberia, Africa.