Adiree Company | Adiree Communications Beauty Client Kimora Lee Simons : Adiree Communications is an omni-media and Ecommerce company connecting you to niche communities of multicultural and pan-african women between 15 - 30
About Adiree Communications is an omni-media and ecommerce company connecting you to niche communities of multicultural and pan-african women between 15 - 30 . founded the annual Pan-African-focused, lifestyle marketing platform called Africa Fashion Week ( ADIREE Communications work and company has been profiled in CNN International, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Forbes Africa, Huffington Post, Forbes Afrique, CNN International, Black Enterprise, Huffington Post and CNN Inside Africa.
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Kimora Lee Simmons | Shinto Clinical


This major celebrity-centered cosmetics and skincare brand came to Adirée to help establish brand identity and drive B2B engagement. 


Led by Adiat Sadé Disu, a B2B and B2C marcoms strategy was provided.

First, we established a brand style guide to launch packaging and brand identity.  The identity was applied to B2C and B2B engagement strategy.

By driving consumer desire among “skinfluencers,” and cultivating community-building activations (offline and online), we built brand awareness, consideration, and conversions among culturally conscious consumers.  Community-building activities appealed to consumers, trade publication editors, and buyers. Strategic engagement + media relations occurred during Cosmopof Worldwide, the largest B2B beauty event.


  1. 20K newsletters collected per event to validate consumer demand and prompt B2B engagement
  2. 31M impressions (+1.5M impressions over delivery)
  3. 99% positive or neutral sentiment (vs. 87% CPG benchmark)
  4. 58K total Engagements (significantly above platform and category benchmarks)
  5. +14.1% pt lift in Ad Recall (Ad Recall Norm: +2.55 pts).
  6. +20 Black, Korean, and Japanese creators, media companies, & brands positively impacted
  7.  1 brand/style guide
  8. 20+ product packaging
  9. 20+ trade publications and media placements
  10. Social Media Setup & Organic Social Management (2 months)
    • Facebook :   Started at 0,  Completed Contract with 1,200 Likes
    • Twitter :  Started at 0, Completed Contract with 634 Followers




June 2, 2013

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